Rough Machining Facilities
Rough Machining Facilities

Among all these quality machines, our rough machining facilities include: The radial drilling machine is suitable for both drilling and tapping applications. It is used to produce holes with a maximum diameter of up to 50mm or 80mm.

Our double-housing planer has the capability to handle workpieces with a maximum dimension of 8m*2m. It provides a perfect solution for both heavy-duty cutting and T-slot machining requirements.

The planer type milling machine is engineered to handle a maximum workpiece dimension of up to 10m*3.3m or 6m*3m. Every one of these machine tools is designed with 3 heavy-duty cutting heads that can work simultaneously for maximum production efficiency.

The floor-type face milling machine can handle a maximum workpiece size of up to 12m*4m. It is well-suited for processing ultra-wide workpieces. This equipment is flexible and convenient to use. Its work efficiency has been doubled after being improved by our factory. This provides great added value to the client as these updates accomplish faster production times.

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