Production Workshop
Production Workshop

We pride ourselves on establishing a great number of workshops which can perform casting, machining, heat treatment and other manufacturing operations. The casting and molding workshop covers an area of 8,000m2. It is equipped with 10T and 5T cupola furnaces and auxiliary equipment, as well as a state-of-the-art physical chemistry lab and a wide range of advanced test facilities. Yearly production amounts to 25,000 tons of castings. Every one of the castings is available in a maximum weight of up to 50 tons. Our machining workshop is outfitted with 48 major production facilities. These facilities offer a quality solution for metal shaping, milling, planing, grinding, drilling and boring requirements.

The radial drilling machine is suitable for both drilling and tapping applications. It is used to produce holes with a maximum diameter of up to 50mm or 80mm.

The CNC gantry milling and drilling machine is mainly used for the treatment of tube sheets and multi-porous parts. It enables the coolant to escape down the center of the tube and does not require a groove in the bore wall in order to escape.

Our wide range of test facilities include: laser interferometers, collimators, electronic level meters, square level meters, imaging level meters, granite straight edges, square rulers, electronic calipers and micrometers etc.

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