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    1. The crossed plate
    Manufactured strictly according to JB/T7974-99 standard, our crossed plates can perfectly accomplish the techniques of crossing, testing, grinding and measuring. The material we use is TH200, and the scraping technology is adopted on the surface. We can expect the accuracy for 0-3 level. While installing, the plates should be placed horizontally, distributing the loads homogeneously upon each fulcrum.

    2. The round table
    This product that features a maximum dimension of 4m and an accuracy of level 2 is applicable in the marble saws correction. This kind of round table is made from HT200 and adopts the scraping technology on its surface. The manufacturing process is in strict compliance with the JB/T7974-99 standard. You are expected to place it horizontally while installing to make sure that each fulcrum bears the same weight.

    3. The assembly platform
    Our platforms that are made into the ribbed plate type and the box type are manufactured in line with the JB/T7974-99 standard. The scraping technology is adopted. On the platform V-shaped, T-shaped, U-shaped grooves and round or square holes can be produced. The plates that used for workpiece detection or crossing should be fixed horizontally while installing to let the loads distributed homogeneously. An appropriate temperate of 20 degree with an allowable deviation of 5 degree is advised. No-vibration is necessary while using.

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