Precision Machining Facilities

    1. The GM gantry CNC milling machine
    This kind of machine can finish drilling and milling performance for all kinds of workpieces with a maximum allowable workpiece dimension of 5m*5m. It has the advantage of enhancing the security of the products. We can expect the processing accuracy for 0.01mm.

    2. The CNC gantry type drilling and milling machine
    The molding process of the platforms, the measuring tools and the car models can all be done by this machine. The maximum allowable workpiece dimension reaches 8m*3m. It has a high processing accuracy of 0.03mm to ensure the precision of the products, avoiding accidents that may occur during the usage of the products.

    3. The CNC milling machine
    We use the gantry type CNC milling machine that with a processing accuracy of 0.02mm to accomplish the milling and molding process of various kinds of platforms and measuring tools. The maximum allowable workpiece dimension is 4m*10m. It can effectively guarantee the products’ precision and reduce the risk of using.

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